Atheeb Holding Company Hosts Business Dinner for a Delegation of Dawson Company Representatives

Riyadh 06 / MAY / 2024   

Atheeb Holding subsidiary companies Pannesma and Atheeb Intergraph Saudi Company (AISC) hosted a business dinner in Riyadh for a delegation of Dawson Company representatives on Monday, May 6th, 2024.

Mr. Saad Albaiz, CEO of Atheeb Holding was joined by Mr. Sam Chughtai and Mr. Sean Callahan from Dawson along with Mr. Paul Archer, Mr. Ken Nix and Mr. Arshad Bari from Pannesma and AISC.
During the event, the company representatives explored ways to further expand their business relationship in direct support of Vision 2030 initiatives. By providing sophisticated solutions and industry expertise of strategic importance to key customers in Saudi Arabia. With an emphasis on risk mitigation and employing industry best practices and the latest advances in Information Technologies.

Dawson under the leadership of their Chief Strategy Officer Dwayne Sellers is a highly respected US company that delivers Specialized Technical Services and innovative Software solutions to Governmental and Commercial clients across many areas including MRO of military assets, critical infrastructure, logistics, training, building facilities, public safety and environmental protection.

Pannesma and Atheeb Intergraph are both wholly owned Saudi companies with over 40 years’ experience providing mission critical IT Solutions, MRO and Technical Support Services to a wide range of customers in Saudi Arabia that includes the Defense, Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Government and Mining sectors.