Atheeb Intergraph Company Attains the Compliance Certificate According to the Aramco Cybersecurity Third-Party Standard (SACS-002) for the Specialized (CCC) Software

Riyadh 05 / DECEMBER / 2023   

Atheeb Intergraph Saudi Arabia, a subsidiary of Atheeb Group proudly announces its attainment of the compliance certificate according to the Aramco Cybersecurity Third-Party Standard (SACS-002). This achievement follows the successful evaluation process conducted by RSM, a globally recognized company authorized by Aramco for compliance and assessment activities.

The evaluation process took place from October 12th to December 5th, 2023. During this period, the company's specialized software, specifically (CCC) software, underwent thorough examination to ensure its compliance with the stringent security standards set by Aramco.

This certification represents a significant milestone for Atheeb Intergraph, reaffirming its strong commitment to providing high-quality and secure software solutions to its clients in the oil and gas sector. It also reflects the company's dedication to enhancing cybersecurity and protecting sensitive data from evolving cyber threats.

This certificate is a valuable addition to Atheeb Intergraph's track record of achievements, further solidifying its position as a leading company in the field of specialized software development and innovative security solutions in the oil and gas industry.

Due to its adherence to the highest security and compliance standards, it is expected that Atheeb Intergraph will continue to enhance its presence in the cybersecurity market and deliver effective and reliable solutions to its clients in the future.

The company takes pride in obtaining this accreditation and extends its gratitude to all its employees from Atheeb Intergraph Saudi Arabia and Pannesma Company Limited for their contributions and professionalism in providing information and participating in the auditing process. The company wishes them success and further accomplishments in shouldering the responsibility of this compliance to a prestigious national entity like Aramco.